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For epicureans of all shades, this collection of low and no alcohol ferments makes abstinence appealing to even the most dedicated drinker. These producers take care to use carefully sourced ingredients and take inspiration from ancient recipes and methods to create things you'll want to drink forever.

Ama Brewery HIRU (Malawi Green & White Peony, Malawi), Basque Country, Spain 1.5%
A low alcohol alternative using premium tea for fermentation, sourced from a small-scale production, on the family-run Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi, of traditional Japanese-style steamed green tea and white peony, the seeds of which speak of an ancient journey that brought them first from Fujian, China, to Edinburgh’s Botanical Gardens, and subsequently to the remote mountains of East Africa. The HIRU showcases vibrant fruit showcasing bright peach and papaya alongside warmer hay and dried herb notes. 

Ama Brewery LAU (Milk Oolong, Taiwan), Basque Country, Spain 2%
This sparkling tea is made with a rare tea variety, Milk Oolong. This lends soft and creamy aromas to this low alcohol alternative. It can be categorised as halfway between green and black tea, which is why it is occasionally known as blue tea. Cultivated west of Taitung, Taiwan. This is elegant showcasing notes of stone fruit, caramel, bubble tea and chestnuts. 

MURI Passing Clouds, Copenhagen, Denmark 0.4%
Muri's non alcoholic beverages combine beautifully sourced, often foraged ingredients with the art of fermentation. Different ferments, fruits, herbs or teas are blended together to create wonderfully complex drinks. The Passing Clouds was one of their first creations and one of our favourites. This is made with a blend of Gooseberry Wine, Quince Kefir, Jasmine Tea, Geranium & Woodruff Kvass. Fresh, herbal with juicy generous fruit made as a sparkling with a light amber colour. 

MURI Fade to Black, Copenhagen, Denmark 0.4%
Their 'Fade to Black' recently releases is one of the most delicious yet. Fermented Redcurrant and Blackcurrant juice is blended with Chamomile Kefir, Fig Leaf & Pine Kvass. Light, playful dark sparkling rosé in colour, with bright cassis fruit aromas and floral tones. 

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